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Managing multiple streamers can be challenging.
Streamcoi automises and simplifies the process.

How we do it

Streamcoi revolutionizes cooperation with many streamers and allows you to display content on multiple live stream channels simultaneously.

See how G2 Esports uses Streamcoi:

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Display sponsor content across multiple streams, track stats of your streamers and inform fans about upcoming activities.


Run display campaigns across multiple streams, manage your streamers’ content automatically and get detailed reports.


Track broadcast reach immediately and display language or content dependent on external data on multiple channels simultaneously.

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Display any content across many streams at once.

create dynamic and engaging campaigns

change the content and its placement in real time

sell merch and promote sponsors in an effective way

Have more control over what you display in your streamer’s channels. Time it, change it, have fun with it.

Send messages to all your streamers chats.

automatically display messages with your campaign

add links and measure their CTR

modify and send messages in real time

Like a chatbot, except on all channels at once.

Collect and analyse data from each individual streamer activity and the entire network.

track live statistics of your streamers

check clicks and views for every campaign and streamer

export detailed reports

Detailed statistics in real time. All in one dashboard.

Setup and update all streamer assets.

adapt the overlay to suit the game, language, e.g. season of the year

make sure your branding stays updated

minimise streamer workload

Save your time. Set up a streamer once, change all assets in one click.

Make your work with streamers easy and effective

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Just join streamcoi and start your project. Onboarding is easy, hustle-free and tested by hundreds of users. You will be ready to go in 15 minutes.
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Streamcoi configuration in broadcast software

Create the team by inviting streamers

Just type their nicknames and we will do the rest. And don’t worry, they will connect their streams in 2 minutes. It’s bulletproof!

Prepare for epic win

Thanks to Streamcoi you will automatically manage all your fellow streamers in the same time. From one place! Save your time, save energy!
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It's a very effective tool that allows for full customization, gives you detailed stats about the reach you had, and all while not interrupting gameplay. Definitely a tool we're going to look forward to using in future events.
Pedro Palma, Events Manager at G2 Esports

We run multiple partner campaigns via Streamcoi. They provide us with great reportings and insights to CTRs per campaign/partner.

It also enables us to run animated campaigns on our streams set up remotely. This is especially useful for less experienced streamers not having to deal with a setup. Overall a quite powerful program!

Philipp Neubauer

CMO of BIG Clan

We saw streamers activities as ineffective and difficult to measure but Streamcoi changed our mindset.

Thanks to Streamcoi our spendings on streamers has become measurable. This opens up a lot of possibilities in cooperation between streamers and brands.

Tomasz Milewski

Senior Marketing Communications Specialist at Samsung

Our managers were constantly asking me to change sponsor displays. It was annoying.

Since we use Streamcoi, I can focus on streaming and they can manage all the sponsor stuff on their own.


DV1 Fortnite professional player

Grow your business with Streamcoi. Start using the potential that stands behind streamers.

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Why Streamcoi?

Display content across all your streams at once

Automate the process. Focus on the content. Update it anytime you want.
Change displayed content on all streams using one simple panel.
It’s more than just a banner!

Earn more on streaming

Show brand messaging from all sponsors with one click.
Offer engaging and short-term campaigns to your partners.
Easily manage and report campaigns with any number of streamers.

Minimise streamer workload

2 minute one-time setup for the streamer.
Update every asset, campaign or message without any action required on the streamers side.
Let you streamers focus on what they do the best - stream.

Have full control over your streamer network

Target and limit your campaign based on streamed games.
Control the exact time, amount and placement of the content display and modify it at will.
Monitor your streamer activity.

Measure and report statistics of your streamers

Save time on collecting data and creating reports.
Detailed and instant statistics, exactly what you and your partners need.
Reporting streaming activities has never been so easy.

Use streams as a social media channel

Make the streamer’s screen and chat a new point of communication with fans.
Promote merch, give real time match info - it’s just easy as publishing a post.

Or reach a new audience thanks to our marketplace solution

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We draw our collective experience from different worlds, joining forces to create a product that meets the needs of distinct groups.

Jakub Janaszek

Product Manager

Co-founder of Games Clash Masters, speaker at esports and gaming conferences. In 2018 he organised the first CS:GO tournament at the National Stadium in Warsaw.

With the stage lights off, he is focusing on developing the product, which will support the same people he had the pleasure of working with as a tournament organiser. In some way, he’s come full circle.

Maciej Sawicki

CEO, Co-founder

Esport streamer, journalist and video producer. Host of the leading Polish esport show ‘Misja Esport', with an audience of over 500k per episode. Winner of the Personality of the Year 2017 award in Polish esports.

Co-founder of, a leading CEE esports organisation. His passion is building products, creating solutions and watching them grow.

Wiktoria Wójcik

CSO, Co-founder

In her career she experienced gaming from many angles - from streaming in 2016 to interviewing at esports events. She was on the team that launched one of the leading Polish esports organisations -

Worked as gaming creative and expert in campaigns for clients like Play, OldSpice, Netflix and Ubisoft. Passionate about how games, social media and new technologies change our reality. Using Streamcoi, she wants to build a better world for streamers.

Damian Konopka

CTO, Co-founder

He's been super tight with esports and gaming since 2009. His adventure began by curating leading eSports portals and co-organising the largest eSports tournament of that time (Samsung European Championship 2011).

His 7 years of programming experience led him to create portal, the most popular streamer website in Poland, which is used by streamers and companies interested in gaming trends around the world.

Szymon Kubiak

CGO, Co-founder

Former Head of Business at, a leading CEE esport organisation. Former head of Content Creation at MediaCom Warsaw. He co-created some of the largest influencer and gaming campaigns in Poland for clients such as Play and Coca-Cola. Winner of the Effie, Innovation, Golden Arrow, Kreatura Grand Prix, Webstar and Mixx awards.

Head of the esport & gaming at IAB Polska and co-creator of the largest esports conference in Poland, Esport Forum.

We are gamers, streamers, advertisers and media personalities.

We draw our collective experience from completely different worlds, joining forces to create a product that meets the needs of distinct groups.


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Jakub Janaszek
Product Manager