How (gaming media house) A41 reach 100.000 views for Samsung across 10 streams.

Samsung A41 campaign mockup

Samsung wanted to partner with 10 streamers to display an offer for the Samsung Odyssey G7 monitor. The goal was:

reach exactly 100,000 views

send chat messages along with the content displayed

detailed reporting

Until now, campaigns such as this have been difficult to measure and required a manual setup for each streamer.


Using Streamcoi, A41 was able to display content and send chat messages across 10 streams automatically. After a quick one-time setup, the streamers didn’t have to do anything else. As soon as the campaign reached 100,000 views, it ended. Samsung paid for each generated view.

A41 organization with Streamcoi live stream campaign example

Streamcoi: one tool, endless possibilities.

Managing multiple streamers can be challenging. Streamcoi automises and simplifies the process.

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Easy and detailed reporting

Getting detailed streaming reports has never been so easy. A41 downloaded stats for the Samsung campaign with one click. The data was exact for each streamer and they were paid for the views they generated. Report included:

streamer activities in campaign

display views

chat link clicks (with link CTR)

campaign content hours watched

average viewers

Tomasz Milewski photo

An important advantage of the campaign we ran is 100% visibility. Each brand message display is shown in full and completely visible. This solution met our expectations.”

Tomasz Milewski, Marketing Manager at Samsung

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