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Doritos Fall Guys tournament: One million views across 52 Twitch channels

Doritos Fall Guys tournament: One million views across 52 Twitch channels

To reach esports and gaming fans with an effective campaign, Doritos organised a one-day Fall Guys tournament. They invited 52 Twitch streamers to participate and broadcast the game on their channels simultaneously - an incredible way to reach a large and engaged audience of Doritos target group. The challenge was significant: how do you distribute content promoting Doritos among 52 streamers efficiently?

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Managing large groups of streamers is a challenge

One of the main challenges that Doritos, Media Direction OMD, and GG League, the agency responsible for running the event, faced was implementing the sponsor graphics across the Twitch channels of the 52 creators who streamed the competition live. Without the right tools, the organiser would have had to contact each streamer separately with guidelines and graphics, which could have taken up to several days.

From the agency's point of view, it would also have taken more work to compile statistics regarding Doritos' placement on the streams, which was necessary for the report.

Working with 52 streamers using one panel

Tournament organisers automated the distribution of Doritos promotional content among event participants through the Streamcoi panel. The easy, one-time setup allowed the display of promotional content on all streamer channels without involving streamers in swapping content if necessary - that happened automatically.

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The ease of implementing Streamcoi from the streamer's point of view is confirmed by Adam "Adamcy" Grabowiecki, a participant in the Doritos featuring Fall Guys tournament:

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Easy report creation

Tournament organisers have made their work easier and faster. They could present a report for Doritos quickly after the event, as Streamcoi’s analytical panel collected detailed data. Tournament organisers had real-time access to, among other things, the actual number of views of Doritos content or the peak number of live viewers.

Automatic collection of the best moments of the tournament

To ensure audience engagement, Doritos ran a fun effective social media communication. They used clips of the best stream moments that were automatically collected. Streamcoi technology also helped tournament organisers from the GG League agency prepare a reliable and comprehensive report. It saved them a lot of time, as there was no need to rewatch several hours of streams from 52 channels.

Lukasz "PRAWUs" Ganczewski, project manager at GG League, highlights the advantages of using Streamcoi:

Testimonial PRAWUS 1920x1080.png

Powered by Streamcoi:

  • Doritos gained visibility on the channels of 52 streamers,

  • GG League quickly gathered statistics and content for the report,

  • Doritos content generated 997,440 campaign views on streamer channels.

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