Thanks to Streamcoi, FURIA was able to provide their first lifestyle collection with:

A report showing FURIA's team campaign results

Automation makes a difference

Before FURIA started using Streamcoi it was difficult to settle accounts with all the streamers for many campaigns at once. It took them a lot of time until everything was set up correctly. Now with Streamcoi, they are able to run several campaigns with a few clicks which led them to achieve over 224k display views from the 3-day campaign. Streamcoi helps FURIA on a daily basis to manage more than 40 streamers with one dashboard. 

A table showing how Streamcoi tool makes the difference in managing streamers

Marcela Fukuoka

Marcela Fukuoka

Media Specialist , FURIA

Streamcoi was definitely an amazing choice to run our streamer campaigns. Intuitive and quick setup. Report updated at each displaying time with enough data to optimise at any time and deliver outstanding results.
Rafael Gimenes

Rafael Gimenes

Production Director , FURIA

Our first Black Friday, a new FURIA business, little time to run and we did that. Twenty-one streamers elevated the Black Friday FURIA campaign! Twenty-one campaigns delivered amazing results. The Streamcoi showed agile and effective, and it was one of the big responsible for the success of the campaign. During the Black Friday, the Streamcoi put all our media power on the market and did that fast. We are really impressed and happy with the performance.

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