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How top esports teams promote merchandise through streaming?

How top esports teams promote merchandise through streaming?

Merchandise represents an essential part of every esports club's business. Teams offer professional kits that pro players wear during events or offline tournaments, along with lifestyle collections and other branded goodies. Fans avidly purchase and wear team jerseys and hoodies to proudly display their support for their favorite esports team.

Merchandise sales serve as a significant source of revenue for esports teams, fueling their growth. According to Newzoo’s 2022 report Merchandise & Tickets is the fourth biggest revenue stream in esports. However, sales not only depend on tournament results but also on effective promotional activities. To boost merchandise sales, top esports teams worldwide leverage interactive streaming campaigns powered by Streamcoi technology.

Globally renowed brands, including Team Vitality, BIG, and FURIA, recognize the importance of utilizing all available marketing channels. Their streamers and pro players actively promote merchandise through their Twitch and YouTube channels.

Team Vitality x hummel Pro Kit

In early 2023, hummel became the official sports apparel partner of Team Vitality. Consequently, the French-based esports organization introduced a new Pro Kit comprising three elements: a jacket, joggers, and a hoodie.

A short animation promoting these products automatically appeared on the streaming channels of multiple Vitality's streamers and pro players. This artwork was accompanied by a clickable chat link, seamlessly directing viewers to the shop to purchase the Team Vitality x hummel Pro Kit.

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FURIA: Black Friday campaign

Every November, the shopping frenzy known as Black Friday takes hold. The top Brazilian esports team, FURIA, capitalized on this occasion by running a dedicated Black Friday campaign across 21 streamers. This three-day activation was launched in just a few clicks and generated nearly a quarter-million views.

The displayed artwork featured a promo code that viewers could use to purchase FURIA's merchandise at a discounted price.

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devils.one: Collection designed for women

Polish esports club devils.one collaborated with the Young Wear brand to create a merch collection specifically designed for women. Such a collection demanded dedicated marketing efforts.

devils.one moved beyond standard activities such as photoshoots and social media posts. Instead, the club incorporated photos into an artwork as part of a streaming campaign. This campaign consisted of an eye-catching animation included a clear call to action and an automated chat message.

Giants: VALORANT Champions t-shirt

Lifestyle collections and pro kits are not the only merch products that esports clubs offer, and Giants is a prime example. The Spanish esports organization participated in this year's VALORANT Champions. To celebrate and commemorate this event, Giants prepared a dedicated T-shirt. This product was widely promoted on the Twitch channels of Giants streamers, resulting in a sell-out.

BIG: Merchandise shop

The German esports club BIG operates its own merchandise online shop. They not only follow global e-commerce trends but also leverage streaming trends.

BIG invites their streamers' audience to visit the shop through a showy campaign automatically displayed on over 30 streaming channels. Viewers can easily access the shop and purchase merchandise to express their support for the German team.

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Top esports teams worldwide harness the power of streaming to expand their business. Organizations like Giants and BIG automate streaming management and monetization with Streamcoi.

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