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How to make money on streamer network?

How to make money on streamer network?

As live streaming grows, do new possibilities for streamers and their managers.

One of the most profitable and effective ways to make money on live streaming is running campaigns using the CPV model. Don’t believe us? Read on and find out how you can actually earn on streaming.

What is the CPV model?

CPV (Cost per View) is the cost an advertiser pays for a single view (CPV) in a campaign. Client pays for a fixed number of views generated by your streamers. Hence, if you charge $15 CPM (Cost per Mile), that means an advertiser pays $15 for every 1,000 views. So for example, a 100,000 view campaign would cost $1,500.

Until now it has been difficult to offer CPV live streaming campaigns, as it has not been possible to measure the exact number of views generated by streamers for a specific partner. But using specific tools you can not only measure but also easily set up and run your campaigns.

How can you make money on live streaming CPV campaigns?

Using Streamcoi gives you a possibility to get detailed reports on your streamers’ performance but most importantly, it makes monetisation easy by displaying automated campaigns across multiple streams at the same time.

Use the dashboard to insert client branded content inside live content and monetise it. It takes a few minutes to set up a campaign and run it on multiple channels. You can reach the desired audience through live streams without having to worry about ad blockers. The best part is that after a one-time configuration your streamers don’t have to do anything. 

Chart showing how to make money on livestreaming

It’s pretty easy - when you sell detailed views to your client, you can prepare a banner or a fully animated artwork and a chat message suitable for the brand. Then, just place it on the platform and set up a detailed number of views to generate by your streamers. The entire campaign configuration takes 5 minutes.

And this is where magic happens - Streamcoi automatically displays the content to all your streamers! After the campaign is done, you can generate a full report and send it to the client for them to see results.

We believe that numbers speak best so check how (gaming media house) A41 reach 100.000 views for Samsung across 10 streams and see for yourself!

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