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Streamer managers around the world | Alexandre Carlier - Team Vitality

Streamer managers around the world | Alexandre Carlier - Team Vitality

As a leading esports club, Team Vitality is perfectly aware of how important streaming is for their business and community building. To use the potential of their streamers to the fullest, Team Vitality automates streamer management and monetisation with Streamcoi. But content creators are also supported by Alexandre Carlier, a well-experienced Esports Activation Specialist & Influencer manager.

We spoke to Alexandre Carlier about his career in gaming and streaming, but also touched on topics like working with top streamers and professional esports players, and how Team Vitality’s partners approach streaming activations.

Streamcoi: You’re working as an Esport Activation Specialist & Influence Manager at Team Vitality. What exactly do you do every day, what do you like the most about your job, and what’s the most challenging part?

Alexandre Carlier: Hey! At Team Vitality, I coordinate all the player’s activation which means being the link between all the business units and the Esports Department as well as the Team Managers to ensure everybody has the right information and can successfully deliver in the end. I am also co-handling Team Vitality’s ambassador from strategy to day-to-day operations. 

What I love the most about my job is being stimulated all the time. I love to always have something to do, someone to help, and try to bring solutions to any problem anyone might face in our daily functioning. It is also the most challenging part of my job: I need to be aware of a lot of topics at the same time, being super flexible to always find a middle ground with everybody’s constraints & needs. When there is peak activity, you can’t see the day or the week pass. 

How using Streamcoi influenced your day-to-day work?

Alexandre: Streamcoi highly facilitated a part of my job that is focused on player’s assets. Making sure everyone is displaying the right assets at the right time with the right partners. I arrived at Team Vitality when Streamcoi was already in the testing phase and from the start I saw the difference: when a new partner comes up, I can change all the stream assets of the players in about one hour compared to weeks if I had to tell each player to change, or even changing on the spot if something is wrong/not working. It is also very practical to display ads and deploy them to all the players’ streams, allowing us, once set up, to have something working in 5 minutes or less. 

It’s not as popular among esports teams to offer their partners streaming activations. Yet, Team Vitality does it. Why do you do so? Do you think it’ll become a trend?

Alexandre: I think it is always the right balance to find. The main focus of a player is competition, and performance, not necessarily streaming. They usually do not stream on a regular basis as it highly depends on their energy, what they want to do, and the time available.

I think it is good to have tools like Streamcoi because you can offer value to your Partners while following automatically players’ routines without disturbing them. They don’t have to care about assets, it is updated for them, they don’t have to push an ad, it is already automated. So they can stream when they want and everything will be available for them, while we offer the value to our partners, it’s a win-win situation.

I think that is where the trend is: being able to manage partner relations and possibilities without impacting too much the players who already have a very busy schedule.

How does livestreaming influence Team Vitality’s business?

Alexandre: We have the possibility to offer more value and visibility to our partners, and also benefit from innovative activations through mechanics offered by Streamcoi. 

Team Vitality isn’t only about pro players, but you also work with ambassadors that are focused on streaming. It isn’t a typical thing for an esports team. Why did you decide to work with ambassadors, and what are the advantages?

Alexandre: Working with ambassadors is a great experience and helps us to bring even more light to all our teams at Team Vitality. They are huge fans of Team Vitality and show how much people are attached to our organization. They share their passion with the fans at events, and activations and are the first representatives of our brand. 

More and more pro players start streaming. Is it a positive trend, or you think they should focus on training & competing?

Alexandre: It depends. It is always a great thing when players stream, when they engage directly with the fans, it creates a link. However, I would say that the number 1 priority is the player's mental health. If it allows the player to rest and distance themselves from the stress & pressure caused by the competition, I would say it is a positive thing. If it impacts the capacity to rest or even creates more frustration, then I would prefer the player to not stream at all and take all the time he/she needs. Performance is their priority, streaming is a bonus that should not impact their ability to rest and be healthy. 

How has the streaming landscape changed since you started working as a streamer manager, and how has Team Vitality adapted?

Alexandre: I started working as Influence Manager in October 2022. The biggest change we made, and not the easiest one, is to transform our Vitality Twitch Channel into a competition & cast-focused broadcast opportunity. We switched from a traditional WebTV model to this, and it is never easy to say goodbye to all of our content creators who used to work with us. But the WebTV format is dying, and the recent end of LeStream, another big French WebTV, is one other proof that the concept is not giving the profitability everybody was looking for a few years back. People prefer to go for individuals, instead of large organizations when it comes to streaming. We are closely monitoring how the streaming landscape changes, and there might be other adaptations next year on our side, as it is key to have flexibility.

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