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How MAD Lions manage their pro player and influencer streams

How MAD Lions manage their pro player and influencer streams

Streaming pro players and influencers

MAD Lions is one of the top esports organisations in Europe with professional teams in League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Although their main focus is competitive gaming, many MAD Lions players also stream live on Twitch in between official games. For the players and influencers, live streaming provides them with an opportunity to build their image and connect directly with fans, and for MAD Lions it's an avenue for sponsorship benefits and merchandise sales.

Minimizing workload of streamer manager & streamers

For players specifically, it’s important that they are able to focus on the game during every live stream, rather than running campaigns and updating overlays. Unlike content creators, they don't produce live video content regularly, and it's important to make the most of this time.

Streamers focus on the game, not campaign logistics

To solve the challenge of minimizing both player and streamer workload, and to increase the effectiveness of campaign distribution, MAD Lions decided to partner with Streamcoi. The platform is used by its League of Legends and Counter-Strike teams, as well as its Call of Duty Warzone squad. One simple dashboard allows them to:

  • upload and update all overlays remotely
  • ⁠run a new merch campaign in minutes
  • measure stream statistics and collect the best clips.

MAD Lions streaming assets are updated remotely

After a one-time setup, players can automatically receive all the team's content on their stream, while managers easily update partner rotators, social media banners, backgrounds, camera frames, or chat messages.

A banner showing MAD Lions esports organisation banner

A new merch campaign can be live in minutes

In addition to assets that are visible all the time on every stream, MAD Lions also has access to launch engaging campaigns on selected channels, meaning players can focus on the game while an animation and a chat message appear automatically.

All stats and clips available in one place

MAD Lions can access detailed campaign statistics for individual players, streamers and the network as a whole. They can quickly analyse the data and evaluate benefits for partners. The additional clip feature also allows MAD Lions to easily gather content for social media.

A report showing MAD Lions esports organisation campaign results

Managing live video content with ease

Streamcoi automates the work of the whole video streaming department at MAD Lions. Every stream always has up-to-day content, while streamers don't have to be included in updating. On the other hand, managers of content creators can do their work faster than ever before.

Jorge Schnura

Vice-President of Strategy,

OverActive Media

Streamcoi’s dashboard enables our players and influencers to focus exclusively on delivering their best performance and providing entertaining content to our fans. It also gives us the ability to access detailed data and insights, continuously evolving how we’re engaging with our community to serve up the best experience possible.

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