MAD Lions stream assets are updated remotely

After a one-time setup, players can automatically receive all the team's content on their streams, while community managers easily update partner rotators, social media banners, backgrounds, camera frames or chat messages.

A banner showing MAD Lions esports organisation banner

A new merch campaign can be live in minutes

In addition to assets that are visible all the time, MAD Lions also has access to launch engaging campaigns on selected streams meaning players can focus on the game while an animation and a chat message appear automatically.

All stats and clips available in one place

MAD Lions can access detailed campaign statistics for individual players, streamers and the network as a whole. They can quickly analyze the data and evaluate benefits for partners. The additional clip feature also allows MAD Lions to easily gather content for social media.

A report showing MAD Lions esports organisation campaign results

Jorge Schnura

Jorge Schnura

Vice-President of Strategy, OverActive Media

Streamcoi’s dashboard enables our players and influencers to focus exclusively on delivering their best performance and providing entertaining content to our fans. It also gives us the ability to access detailed data and insights, continuously evolving how we’re engaging with our community to serve up the best experience possible.

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