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How G2 displayed content across multiple streams during the VALORANT tournament

How G2 displayed content across multiple streams during the VALORANT tournament

One event, many live streaming channels

VALORANT quickly became a major title on the esports games market, and G2 Esports, a top esports team, decided to jump on the hype train with their own G2 VALORANT European Brawl.

Firstly, however, they decided that they would ask all participating G2 members to live stream matches on their Twitch channels in addition to one main broadcast. Viewers could follow the games from different perspectives, and G2 reached an audience from all over the world.

Sposored content across all streams

However, without the right tools, it is impossible to effectively reach all streamer audiences with sponsored content at the same time. In the past, this would require individual contact with each streamer, which is logistically impossible during an event. It was also essential to report the aggregated statistics from multiple live streams to the partners right after the competition, without waiting for a separate report from each video streaming channel.

That's why G2 Esports decided to partner with Streamcoi, using a simple dashboard that allows managers to manage and display dynamic content across multiple streams. It's a platform that automates streamer management and monetisation among esports teams, event organisers, brands and agencies.

A screenshot from the gameplay showing G2 artworks during a campaign

G2 was able to:

  • display sponsored content on every Twitch channel

  • change the content displayed during the esports event

  • send information about upcoming matches 

  • get detailed statistics in-real time from every streamer

Content displayed without action from the streamer

Once the competition started, G2 wanted to display artwork across additional streams. Previously, content implementation and channel preparation took a long time and required a lot of technical knowledge.

Using Streamcoi's quick and easy streamer setup, G2 could configure content displays even at the very last minute and show additional content across streams.

Screenshots of the gameplays showing G2 Esports artworks during streamers gameplay

Pedro Palma

Senior Event Manager,

G2 Esports

It's a very effective tool that allows for full customization, gives you detailed stats about the reach you had, and all while not interrupting gameplay. Definitely a tool we're going to look forward to using in future events.

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