Scouting the best streamers

Only a few streamers were selected for the grand final from several hundred. By using Streamcoi’s analytics and data features, the jury could easily compare participant statistics and performance. The automation applied via Streamcoi to manage multiple streams streamlined MADMONQ’s decision-making process to select the best streamers. As a result, the project has identified new ambassadors and has also delivered great marketing results.

A screen showing list of streamers and reports of MADMONQ

Petr Andrýsek

Petr Andrýsek

Co-founder & CMO, MADMONQ

We were able to effectively engage almost 500 small streamers in a very short time, measure their statistics and display partner content attractively. Awesome results relating to clicks and performance - the entire campaign brought MADMONQ 10-15% increase in revenue during the project.

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