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Live streaming is breaking all kinds of records and here’s how you can take advantage of it

Live streaming is breaking all kinds of records and here’s how you can take advantage of it

Countless esports teams, agencies and businesses are signing contracts with streamers.

Their growth and reach already proved to be one of the most profitable aspects for esports and gaming companies. Only in esport teams can content creators provide a unique and organic reach, putting less pressure on the pro players.

How does the market look like

On Twitch alone there were 3.5 million new streamers in Q1 of 2020, reaching a total of 10.6 million unique channels in Q3, which translated to an increase in the number of hours watched from 3.1 billion in January this year to a whopping 5.12 billion in Q2 followed by 4.74 in Q3.

A chart showing statistics how many people watched streams in two quarters

And while these numbers are great, the market in terms of advertisement still has much unused potential. TV ads, internet banners and many others are thr daily bread for brands trying to reach their desired audiences. And they are constantly looking for new ways to present their products.

On the other hand Gen Z, alongside the Millennials, have the most purchasing power and pretty much have stopped watching traditional TV, reading newspapers and listening to the radio. They sit on live streams, listen to podcasts and watch YouTube. And those are the places where focusing on building a need for products is most crucial right now.

New possibilities

At this point, each day we witness how much the streaming industry grows and new opportunities for marketing and advertising open. Having many streamers and pro-players inside your organisation can give you much more than having just a few.

And there are a lot of possibilities to promote partner brands. Streamers can have brand logos, banners or even fully animated artworks. They can send messages with links via chatbots or run product placement campaigns.

Brand logos and static banners only can bring much awareness to promoted brands while still not being aggressive for the audience. And more involved campaigns with animated artwork or product placement campaigns have a bigger reach and also engage and encourage them to check the brand's product.

However working with a large number of streamers is quite a challenge. To add or change each banner, you have to contact each streamer individually. Everything has to be done manually and the statistics are inaccurate.

Change the way of your workflow

This brings us to Streamcoi, a streamer management platform that makes the streamer monetisation process easy and seamless by displaying content automatically across multiple streams.

Besides product placement, you can do whatever you want to run different campaigns and manage all of your streamers at the same time - without having to contact them or to remind them about new content updates.

One simple Streamcoi panel lets you:

  • run short-term or long-term partnership campaigns across many streams at one
  • provide partners with accurate reports and monitor streamer activity
  • upload and update all overlays and logos with a few clicks
  • gather and download all your streamers’ clips
  • minimise your (and your streamers) workload, so that they can do what they do best - stream.

Streamcoi is used by big industry players such as G2 Esports and BIG Clan for everyday activities, tournaments and campaigns. Check out how G2 Esports uses Streamcoi to help support its streamer business!

A movie showing a vehicle in Rocket Game League

Having many streamers is fun and games but bringing income with effective management is even better.

Request a demo to check how Streamcoi can help you manage and monetise streamers