How to distribute 500 individual codes for fans on 15 streams at once? [ case study] & Orbit streamcoi campaign

15 streams

500 individual codes


Deliver 500 of Orbit’s individual voucher codes on (gaming marketplace) to fans of 15 streamers.

THE SOLUTION used Streamcoi campaign management dashboard to display codes across 15 streams. The mechanism automatically generated a new code when the artwork was displayed. Each time, the viewers saw the same partner artwork, but with a different code, unique for them.

Automated codes distribution on streams example

Streamcoi: one tool, endless possibilities.

Managing multiple streamers can be challenging. Streamcoi automises and simplifies the process.

Schedule a meeting was able to:

display sponsored content across multiple streamer broadcasts automatically

automatically change elements of artworks displayed on streams

send a chat message with a link to the landing page along with the content displayed

Without any action required from streamers!

Automated codes distribution on streams example

The campaign was promoted on social media and it received great interest among young bounty hunters! During the past month, streamers streamed over 16,000 hours of partner artworks, generated 63,028 display views and gave away all 500 voucher codes.

See how easy and effective it can be working with multiple streamers using Streamcoi

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