How MADMONQ scouted 476 streamers in 2 weeks?


TVÁŘ TWITCHE by MADMONQ (eng. Face of Twitch) is the largest streamer scouting project in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. During two weeks, 476 talented content creators live-streamed their gameplays to be selected for the grand final. To scout and analyse of hundreds of streamers simultaneously is not an easy task, that’s why this year’s jury decided to use Streamcoi’s analytics tool to manage streamers, gather statistics and help select the best ones.


MADMONQ wanted to display sponsored and promotional content on the streaming of all participants of TVÁŘ TWITCHE while being able to gather individual statistics and measure their performance to scout the best performing streamers. Organisers needed to:

set up quick and one-time registration

display partner’s content and chat messages on hundreds of streams

measure the statistics of individual streamers and the entire network

filter data on the best streamers


By using Streamcoi’s dashboard, MADMONQ was able to automatically display the content on 476 streams simultaneously on Twitch, send chat messages with a few clicks and measure the exact statistics of all participants in real-time. Streamers registered for the project and automatically joined MADMONQ’s network.

How MADMONQ used Streamcoi to scout 476 streamers

Streamcoi: one tool, endless possibilities.

Managing multiple streamers can be challenging. Streamcoi automises and simplifies the process.

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Banners and chat messages displayed by organisers appeared several times per hour on Twitch informing about the project, MADMONQ’s product and project’s partner Alienware. Numbers are huge!

MADMONQ’s TVÁŘ TWITCHE statistics with Streamcoi


From several hundred streamers, only a few were selected for the grand final. By using Streamcoi’s analytics and data features, the jury was able to easily compare participants’ statistics and performance. The automation applied via Streamcoi to manage multiple streams streamlined MADMONQ’s decision-making process to select the best streamers.

Streamcoi’s data analytics dashboard for MADMONQ
Petr Andrýsek, Co-founder & CMO of Madmonq

“Streamcoi’s approach towards us during the entire project was super flexible in collaboration. Thanks to them, we were able to effectively engage almost 500 small streamers in a very short time, measure their statistics and display partner content in an attractive way. Awesome results relating to clicks and performance - the entire campaign brought MADMONQ 10-15% increase in revenue during the project.

Petr Andrýsek, Co-founder & CMO at Madmonq

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