How Alliance esports promoted The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund across multiple channels automatically

Alliance esports

Alliance esports organisation, one of the leading Swedish esports teams, joined the fight against childhood cancer with their multiple streaming pro players. They took part in Stream of Hope, a global charity event with the purpose of raising awareness and funds to fight childhood cancer together with The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund. Alliance’s gamers and streamers used their own channels and ran Boomers vs Zoomers Dota 2 showmatch.

Alliance esports charity game

During the showmatch, Alliance esports organisation wanted to raise awareness about the project and money through donations, while allowing participants to focus on the most spectacular game possible. Instead of a static logo, they wanted to display animations that would pop up on the screen and encourage donations at key moments in the game and show the largest donors.


After a quick streamer configuration with Streamcoi, Alliance esports’ manager was able to:

display charity fundraising promotion content every 10 minutes across all streams

display fundraising progress updates

highlight event content in specific moments during the streams

send editable chat messages in real-time

get detailed statistics

Gamers could focus on the game while managers were able to easily reach the audience with moving artworks and calls to action informing about Stream of Hope.

Alliance esports charity promotion

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Pontus Bengtsson, Apex Manager for Alliance

"During our charity campaign back in December, by using Streamcoi I had an easy time managing giveaways and promotions via the players twitch channel together with our social media team."

Pontus Bengtsson, Apex Manager for Alliance

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