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Vodafone Giants is the biggest esports club in Spain. Known for its professionalism, breaking records, players, audience, followers, engagement and sponsors. Vodafone Giants participates in a dozen games and in more than 30 national and international competitions. The combination of the team,its players and creators has more than 28 million followers across all its social networks.

Esports merchandise is not just a product. It is the symbol of an organisation.

Vodafone Giants recently decided to rebrand by refreshing their visual identity. One of the most important elements was to create new merchandise, which for fans is a symbol of belonging to the team and a chance to directly support the organisation financially. At such a time, the challenge is not only to present new products, but also to get fans on board in an engaging way.

Giants x Nike

Live streaming as an effective method of communicating with fans

No one is a better ambassador for an esports organisation than its members. Giants invited 24 content creators and streamers to stream on the days of the rebrand and promote the new merch.

But how do you make sure the new merch is well-represented across all streams at the same time?

Automation is the key

Vodafone Giants decided to use Streamcoi, the automated streamer management platform. They set up 5 automated campaigns, each promoting a different product in their online shop. Streamers added to the Giants dashboard did not have to do anything, and one manager set up moving animations and engaging chat messages that appeared automatically a few times per hour. In total, merchandise animations appeared on the streams 6,765 times.

Real numbers

Until now, it has been difficult to measure exact numbers of live streaming campaigns, with platforms only showing general numbers like hours watched, or average viewers. With Streamcoi's reports, Vodafone Giants was able to monitor the progress of all campaigns in real time and measure accurate data not only on entire streams, but on detailed product views. In total, all displays generated 8.5 individual million views and the link shown in the chat generated 23,350 clicks, which translated into a significant increase in sales for the Giants' online shop.

Giants campaign statistics
Adrián Gómez photo

“At Vodafone Giants, we are constantly working on applying the best technological solutions to improve the experience of our fans. We have many players and content creators. Thanks to Streamcoi, we can bring together their respective communities around a same concept, passion for Giants”

Adrián Gómez, CMO
Fernando Rojo photo

“Working with influencers and talents can be difficult as a lot of time has to be invested in coordination. Thanks to Streamcoi we can coordinate several campaigns at the same time with a few clicks and we have in real time information about the campaigns which also alleviates the effort on reporting to our partners.”

Fernando Rojo, Head of content and Social Media
Ismael ‘Miniduke’ Martínez photo

“Streamcoi makes running promotions much easier. The fans find pop-ups on the screen fun.”

Ismael ‘Miniduke’ Martínez, pro player & streamer
Antonio ‘Th3Antonio’ Espinosa photo

“I can create content without worries, it's a great benefit.”

Antonio ‘Th3Antonio’ Espinosa, pro player & streamer
Giants team

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