How raised its streamer’s network revenue by 500% Streamcoi campaign mockup

30 streamers signed exclusively

300k hours watched / month


Make more money on the streamers by working with the biggest companies & agencies.


Thanks to Streamcoi DV1 had successfully worked on in-stream display campaigns with multiple clients and has raised its streamer’s network revenue by 500%. with Streamcoi customers

Streamcoi: one tool, endless possibilities.

Managing multiple streamers can be challenging. Streamcoi automises and simplifies the process.

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They also started to:

sign more short-terms sponsorship deals (using quick and easy campaigns setup)

sell more merch (when the display is visible, there is a link in the chat, which brings viewers directly to DV1 online store)

increase viewership of upcoming events (they show the display on all the streams at the same time)

track viewership of all the streamers get detailed stats on each of them (all in one dashboard)

Marcin Siwek, photo.

We had problems managing our streamers. It was time consuming and inefficient. Before Streamcoi we didn't even think we may monetize our streamers, we thought they bring just the PR value

Marcin Siwek, CEO at with Streamcoi customers
Taiovsky streamer Twitch avatar.

Our managers were constantly asking me to change sponsor displays. It was annoying. Since we use Streamcoi, I can focus on streaming and they can manage all the sponsor stuff on their own.

Taiovsky, Fortnite professional player at

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