CS:GO Female Cup placed sponsor content on 7 tournament channels at the same time

Ambush Case Study

Ambush Esport, is a Danish esports organisation, with competitive teams in CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege. They also operate as a tournament organiser, hosting both male and female cups. The most well known, is the regular Female Season Cups. Ambush provides a strong foundation for the teams to improve and fulfil the potential of individuals both in skill and as public figures, role models and entertainers.


The tournament was broadcast on 7 caster channels. Partnership managers wanted to put partner content and promotional chat messages on all at the same time. It was also important to report the aggregated statistics to the partners right after the tournament, without waiting for a separate report from each channel.


Using the Streamcoi dashboard, a single manager was able to set up a campaign for partners that reached viewers of all channels simultaneously every 10 minutes or during specific moments. Once the tournament started, everything happened automatically and reports were updated in real time after each campaign display.

CS:GO Female Cup placed sponsor content on 7 tournament channels at the same time

Streamcoi: one tool, endless possibilities.

Managing multiple streamers can be challenging. Streamcoi automises and simplifies the process.

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Display partner content every 10 minutes automatically;

Make the campaign pop up in specific moments of the match using single-launch button;

Send chat messages at the same time when content popped up;

Add and send information about upcoming matches in-real time;

Get detailed statistics across all the streams in real time.

Zouheir Chreih, CEO of Ambush

“Streamcoi has proven its worth and made streamer management much easier. At a time where data means so much and competition for sponsorships is growing rapidly, Streamcoi has become an invaluable tool that puts us in the lead, and makes sure that the sponsors continue the cooperation.”

Zouheir Chreih, CEO of Ambush

Automation is crucial

Ambush displayed over 6,000 hours of quality female gameplay along with campaign and social media tournament information pushed through Streamcoi. They streamlined their communication, along with the streamers to make sure everyone was displaying the right content at the right time. After a one-time, quick configuration, casters could focus on the gameplay while Ambush was able to decide which sponsored content should be displayed on the stream. Because the statistics were measured in real time, partners did not have to wait for reports and received them immediately after the tournament. Now, the Ambush female Cups will be a fixed part of the female CS:GO scene!

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